posted September 14, 2018


The Match  

Submission Only Match.

Hunt for the Submission.

If NO Submission is had within the Time Period…

There is an OverTime Points Round.

The O.T. Points Round is 3 minutes.


Side mount 1pt

Sweep/Reversal 1pt

Take Down 1pt

Back control (Hooks or Body Triangle) 1pt

Mount 1pt

Knee on belly 1pt

Solid Submission Attempt 1pt

No Advantages

If it is a TIE at the end of the O.T. Points Round… 

  • Whoever has more Point Submission attempts wins.
  • If it is a tie on Points (non-Submission Points) then whoever scored the first point in the match wins.
  • If the score is 0-0 then we go into a 1st point wins (2 min Round).
  • It if is still a draw then it is the Ref’s Decision.


Match Length

White Belt    5 min

Blue Belt       5 min

Purple Belt   6 min

Brown Belt   6 min

Black Belt     6 min


Divisions (17 & up)


Bantamweight 135lb & Under

Featherweight 136-145lbs

Lightweight 146-155lbs

Welterweight 156-165lbs

Light Middleweight 166-178lbs

Middleweight 179-195lbs

Light Heavyweight 196-210lbs

Heavyweight 211lbs & up


Strawweight 115lbs & Under

Flyweight 116-125lbs

Bantamweight 126-135lbs

Featherweight 136-145lbs

Lightweight 146-155lbs

Welterweight 156-170lbs

Cruiserweight 171lbs & up