#157 – Chris Odell | Owner of Datsusara Hemp Gear

posted July 30, 2018

Chris Odell is the owner and founder of Datsusara. Datsusara is a company that specializes in gear bags made out of hemp material. HIs products are built super durable and look awesome. He discusses how he started from nothing into a pretty successful company. We also go in depth on how to stay afloat as[…..]

#156 – Has Anyone Been More Dominant than Khabib??

posted March 31, 2018

We breakdown UFC Lightweight title match between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. We also discuss how dominant Khabib has been and if anyone has been MORE dominant, ever!   Follow us:   Instagram: @showtheartpodcast – @showtheartx – @showtheartabe – @amesypie   Twitter: @showtheart @ShowtheARTPod   Facebook/showtheart – youtube/xshowtheartx   www.showtheart.com   Sponsors: THANK YOU!   www.invertedgear.com – www.modcup.com – www.vapebright.org – www.kimerakoffee.com 

#155 – Fitness Episode – Olympic Lifting for MMA

posted March 28, 2018

How important is strength training for martial arts and Jiujitsu?? Can Olympic lifting help and how exactly will it translate?? We discuss all these question and more on our weekly fitness episode!   Follow us:   Instagram: @showtheartpodcast – @showtheartx – @showtheartabe – @amesypie   Twitter: @showtheart @ShowtheARTPod   Facebook/showtheart – youtube/xshowtheartx   www.showtheart.com   Sponsors: THANK YOU!   www.invertedgear.com – www.modcup.com – www.vapebright.org –[…..]

#154 – Bigger Fight? DJ vs TJ or Stipe vs Cormier

posted March 18, 2018

Abe and Ames break  down some of their thoughts on some of the most anticipated matchups including Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic Heavyweight Championship match and Demetrious Johnson vs TJ Dillashaw Flyweight Championship match.  They also give you some movie recommendations! Follow us:   Instagram: @showtheartpodcast – @showtheartx – @showtheartabe – @amesypie   Twitter: @showtheart @ShowtheARTPod   Facebook/showtheart[…..]

#153 – Fitness Episode: Ames Answers the MOST COMMON Fitness Questions

posted March 15, 2018

ON this episode, Ames answers some of the most common fitness questions asked by amateur and even some professional athletes.  -Creatine? Good or Bad? Suggestions -When is a good time to up weight or reps? -Most important thing post workout? -How to determine what athlete you are?? Follow us:   Instagram: @showtheartpodcast – @showtheartx – @showtheartabe[…..]